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There are a number of used car price guides available online, so it's well worth checking a few before buying your next car. Get a free valuation from Price Any Car with our free, fast and easy to use service.

What is Parkers Car Price Guide?

Parkers Car Price Guide is one of the longest-running printed car price guides and helps buyers to get an idea of what to pay for their next car. It has been running since 1972, was bought by publishing giant Emap in the late 1990s and is now part of the German media company Bauer Media, which is Europe's largest privately owned publishing group.

The prices that appear in Parkers Car Price Guide are updated monthly and based on thousands of transactions from forecourts, private vendors, and auctions throughout the UK.

Most popular newer vehicles are covered by the guide, with figures for each trim and engine combination rather than generic models. Car owners can find the value of a specific make, model or trim. On the negative side, this method of researching car values will appear archaic to younger car buyers and the values, although respected by the pubic, are less favoured by some dealers. You will find it sold in newsagents and supermarkets such as Sainsbury's and WHSmith for £5.99, whereas as the trade guides are sold directly to dealers only. There is an option of a subscription for £65 per-year.

Why Parkers Car Price Guide Valuations?

You will get a series of values in Parkers Car Price Guide to reveal what you should pay from a main dealer, independent dealer, private good, private poor and trade-in.

The highest value in Parkers Car Price Guide is the franchised dealer price, which a customer pays a manufacturer branded specialist (main dealer). You pay a premium on this kind of car, as it would have been through a manufacturer's approved used scheme and often comes with an enhanced warranty and checks.

The next value, independent dealer, is lower. That's because - on paper at least - the buyer isn't getting the full service and back-up of a main dealer. In practice, there's very little between the two types of outlets. 

The private good condition price is as charged by a private seller, rather than a trader. It's lower than the franchise/independent prices as there is very little back-up. There is also a private poor condition price. The trade-in value is what a dealer pays for your car, with a view to purchasing another (also known as part exchange).

What else does Parkers Car Price Guide Offer?

As well as the printed guide Parkers Car Prices are available online. It works by selecting vehicle makes/models/trims from a list. It's a free service for cars from 2004 onwards, If you wish to mileage and extras, you need to opt for the premium service, which costs £3.49 for 24 hours, £5.99 for seven days, and £9.99 for one month.

There is, in addition, a Parkers Car Price Checker app for the Apple iPhone. It costs £6.99 and aims to help car buyers on the move. According to the Parkers Apple iStore page, it was last updated in 2012 and has a two-star (out of five) rating.


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